Rev Keun-il Ko


Our Minister of the Word, Rev. Keun-il Ko, brings a fresh breeze of Christianity with fun and laughter, wrapped up in an evangelical Biblical package.

At Dapto Uniting Church we give pastoral care, worship, weddings, baptisms and more, as we actively seek to be "The Heart of Dapto". Your call to the Church Office, or your email to the Minister or the Church Secretary, using the form on the Contact page, will be answered and dealt with as promptly as possible.

Rev Diane Anderson

Dapto Uniting Church is also served by Rev Diane Anderson, a retired Uniting Church Minister, who is our Minister-in-Association. Diane helps out with occasional preaching and assisting Keun-il, the Elders and our Church Council to serve the Dapto community.

Cliff Hughes

Cliff is the Chairperson of our Church Council and Congregation.

Les Smith

Les is the Church Secretary.

Janet Hyam

Janet is the Church Treasurer.
ACNC Registered Charity