Resources to assist Congregations during self isolation – Insights Magazine

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Resources to assist Congregations during self isolation – Insights Magazine


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Over the coming months there may be a move to restrict large groups of people gathering in one place and we may need to move worship online in order to support our more vulnerable community members who may need to isolate due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19).

If you can, live-stream

Once of the most effective ways of sharing your Church services online is via Facebook live and it can be a free or a low cost option for worship services. Other free software such as Twitter’s live-stream app Periscope is also free.

Live-streaming is an excellent way to keep your congregation members connected to what’s happening. If you already have a Facebook Page, you simply enable the “live” feature on the page and you can

There are a number of ways you can stream to Facebook or Periscope, either through hardware like Mevo Start (more on that below) or by using the Zoom webinar feature.

Watch the video here of how to go live on Facebook using Zoom using the webinar feature.

Be pastoral, keep in contact over social media

Consider using FaceBook to connect directly with congregation members and share with them your thoughts in the midst of the pandemic while they are in self isolation. This personal sharing builds community in the midst of the panic buying.

Consider the example of Pastor Keith Anderson, minister of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in Philadelphia and author of Click to Save and The Digital Cathedral. A contributor to Insights, Keith has a heart for digital ministry and he is using Facebook to connect with those both within and outside his congregation to personally connect.

A myriad of Synod resources

For congregations looking for alternatives to larger gatherings and are looking for small group resources, there are a huge variety of materials available on the Uniting Church in NSW and ACT’s Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Consider using the Hold That Thought series to generate discussion in small groups. You can access two seasons of the 90 second sermons on the Facebook page and on YouTube and Vimeo to download.

Peter Walker’s excellent Bible Studies from Synod 2019 are also available on the Vimeo Channel for use locally. All the keynote speaker talks from Synod are also available. You can download the resources and use them from our Vimeo Channel in your small group gatherings or share on your Facebook pages for extra content.

For congregations who would like longer reflective content, the Saltbush videos are excellent resources designed to be used in small group settings or as personal reflections. You can access all of the Saltbush videos created by Rev. Mark Faulkner, Geoff Wellington and Rev. Tim Jenson on the Saltbush Vimeo Channel and download for use in gatherings. You can also visit the Saltbush webpage for downloadable resources to enhance the videos. The Saltbush team are also offering Online Cafe’s to connect with individuals. Check back at their website to find out when they plan to do more.

Equipment - what do you need?

If you want to livestream your Church services, the Mevo Start is one of the best ways to stream content like your Church service to other programs such as Facebook and Periscope.

Out of the box you don’t need any audio equipment, as the Mevo has excellent audio built in, however you can purchase radio microphones very inexpensively.

The only other piece of equipment you should need is a tripod, which would be useful if you choose to use an iPhone to livestream or if you purchase a dedicated Mevo Start.

A supplier who is happy to assist congregations with their livestreaming needs is The Streaming Guys, who are based in Wagga and you can view their products online or email them at

If you require more information about how to connect over social media, please contact the Synod Communications team at