Rev Keun-il’s thought for today 7 July 2019

4 Jul 2019 by Dapto Secretary in: Feeds and Blogs

Rev Keun-il’s thought for 7 July 2019

Rev Keun-il Ko

People don’t want to cross the line. It is a human nature. I remember one occasion that I prepared a Bible study lesson. Everything was set up accordingly. The table and chairs were arranged nicely. The study materials were copied and ready to hand out. A white board and a marker were prepared. I looked at the clock. It was nearly time to start. I finally checked the kettle for supper. It was boiling as I expected. I looked at the time again. It was 3 minutes past. No one still turned up yet. It was unusual. Although I admitted that I wasn’t a good bible study leader, I always had some people who liked to participate in my lesson. So, I went outside the hall. People were standing outside of the gate. I said to myself “what are they doing there?” “Are they protesting?” I asked them why they stood outside. They pointed down the ground. In front of the gate, there was a red cone. I believed that the red cone was laid after the game that kids played. I wasn’t sure if it was an action of mischievous boys or something accidental. I beckoned and asked them to come on in. The small silly red cone somehow refused them entrance. In most cases, stepping over the line is something wrong. I realised how strongly we are affected and controlled by a silly symbol.

Elijah was taken up to heaven (2 Kings 2:1-14). Wow, how is it possible? Is it an exaggerated story about a legendary person? Is it a fairy-tale about a spiritual hero? Some biblical stories and themes are found in other secular texts of the same culture and history. In ancient Near Eastern context, there were several myths that a man visited heaven. But no man was allowed to stay in heaven because a mortal wasn’t able to live in heaven. Here Elijah was taken to heaven, the dwelling place of God, although he was still alive. It was against the rule that the mortals cannot enter heaven. But he wasn’t the first person to be taken up. Enoch in Genesis 5:24 was taken before Elijah. Of course, this story in the Bible is an indication of God’s ultimate promise which will hap-pen later in Jesus’ ascension. It wasn’t usual and normal. Then what message can we get from this powerful story? We human beings are limited within a given line. We believe that we are not allowed to step over the line. In addition, we live with so many red cones in our modern lives. As a consequence, people hesitate to cross over the step into other’s territories. This sense of limitation unconsciously forces us to stay within fear and anxiety. That is why this story gives us a powerful motivation to cross over our own bias and our own comfort zone. Although we are mortal, we are limited, we are vulnerable, our God allows us to enter into his territory.