Rev Keun-il's Thought for the Day 14 July 2019

12 Jul 2019 by Dapto Secretary in: Feeds and Blogs

In Times Like These

Helen Steiner Rice

 Helen Steiner Rice

We read the headlines daily and listen to the news,

We shake our heads despairingly and glumly sing the blues

We are restless and dissatisfied and we do not feel secure,

We are vaguely discontented with the things we must endure.

This violent age we live in, is filled with nameless fears

And we listen to the newscasts that come daily to our ears,

And we view the threatening future with sad sobriety

As we’re surrounded daily by increased anxiety,

How can we find security or stand on solid ground

When there’s violence and  dissension and confusion all around

Where can we find a haven to escape this shameful fate,

Instead of reading headlines that disturb the heart and mind

Let us open up the Bible and in doing so we’ll find

That this age is no different from the millions gone before

But in every hour of crisis God has opened up the door ,

For all who seek his guidance and trust His all-wise plan

For God provides protection beyond that devised by man,

And we learn that each tomorrow is not ours to understand.

But lies safely in the keeping of the great Creator’s hand

And to have the steadfast knowledge that we never walk alone

And to rest in the assurance that our every need is known

Will help dispel our worries our anxieties and care

For doubt and fear are vanquished in the PEACEFULNESS OF PRAYER