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An Important Message from the Church Council

Regarding suspension of Church Gatherings

As the whole society is approaching the considerable risk of the global outbreak of COVID 19, the Church Council has taken seriously the facts of the current situation. For this reason, on Friday 20 March at 1:00 PM, the Church Council has decided to suspend all gatherings and activities until further notice.

This decision includes suspension of the Sunday’s Cool, Tiddlywinks Playgroup, Markets, G1 Youth Group, Craft Group, Messy Church, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Evening Fellowship, Heart and Soul Fitness, Gourmet Girls, Recycled Teenagers, Small Groups, Op Shop and sorting. Church Services as a gathering format will be suspended. Church Council also recommends that all proposals of the Government be followed with regards to contact, hand washing and sanitisation together with social distancing should be observed.

This decision has not been based on our own preference, but with the best interests of the community in mind. At the same time, the Church Council discussed how we can model a response that is faithful, gracious and wise in trusting God in this difficult situation. As our community has been affected by unknown fear and anxiety, we need to help them remain calm and extend our sense of love and care to those who are suffering. 
Therefore, we offer the following pastoral statements.

  • With all reports about COVID-19 and recommendations of the Synod and Illawarra Presbytery, we want you to know that the health of our community is of utmost concern to all our Church Council members.
  • If you disagree with the Church Council’s decision, you are encouraged to understand that this is not about us as individuals, but about our community. Thus, the Church Council hope that you refrain from making judgement or taking offense.
  • Suspension of our gatherings doesn’t mean that you are asked to stop interacting with others, although you are encouraged to minimise your contact with others. When you talk and meet up with others for some reason, please use your common sense and your best judgment in protecting your own health and others. Observe the published social distancing principles. If you are feeling ill, please stay home and keep a safe distance from others.
  • The Church Council will work hard to develop new methods to replace the current gathering settings and sustain our spiritual lives. You will not be isolated or outcast. Through the prayer chain, informal small groups, social media, emails, personal one-on-one visits and phone calls, we will use this situation to strengthen our faith in God.
  • It is a time of trial. So, it is a time of getting stronger. Let us be faithful and vigilant in our prayer for families, churches, communities and nations. You are strongly encouraged to pray for individuals affected by this outbreak, medical personnel and government leadership.
  • The Church Council is deeply concerned about “fear”. We need to reject fear and suspicion based on ethnicity. This virus is simply affecting all races and ages.
  • As our God is generous and gracious, please be generous and gracious in supporting the leadership of the DUC, Presbytery and Synod. Above all, let us remember that we are not people of fear, but courage. “Our God is a refuge and fortress” in this time (Psalm 46).
  • Finally, Keun-il is available for you. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you need to talk using the form on the Contact Us page. It is important that we have your contact details to stay connected. Please contact Les from the Contact Us page if your details are not on our records or up to date, particularly your email address as this will be our principal means of continuing contact with all members. If you would like to use Direct Giving for your offering, or have other question of how to continue your financial support of DUC, please contact Janet by email. If you are not on our Newsletter list, contact Fred by email and have your name added to this list also. We will continue to produce a weekly newsletter and if you have something to say to everyone here is the place to do it. Those who cannot receive the newsletter by email and wish to do so, also contact Fred and arrangements will be put in place to ensure that you receive it.

On behalf of the Church Council,

Cliff Hughes (Chair of Church Council)

Les Smith (Secretary of Church Council)

Fred Badman (Newsletter editor)

Keun-il Ko (Minister of DUC)

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