Heart & Soul Exercise

Join our group exercise sessions at Dapto Uniting Church Hall, running for 7-8 weeks each school term. We meet every Monday morning starting at 10:00am. For more details and specific dates, reach out to Janet H. using the contact information provided below.Heart & Soul Fitness

The Heart & Soul Exercise group is dedicated to offering one-hour exercise sessions for adults, focusing on safety within a Christian environment, guided by our accreditted and experienced exercise leader.

Our program offers a variety of exercises designed to enhance strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility, catering to nearly everyone, including individuals with stable chronic health conditions. Enrollment does require some paperwork.

On days when in-person meetings are not held, sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Contact Janet H. for more information, book for in-person sessions, or to obtain the link to attend the Zoom Session:

Phone: 0431 410 189

Email: exercisecare@gmail.com

ACNC Registered