Gourmet Girls

Gourmet Girls

The "Gourmet Girls" lunch group is the social highlight for the ladies of Dapto Uniting Church, and let's be honest, it's a fabulous excuse to ditch the diet and dive into some divine dishes. On the second Wednesday of each month (we skip January because we're all still recovering from the holiday feasts), we embark on a culinary adventure, sampling the delights of a new restaurant each time. It's like a gastronomic world tour, but you don't need a passport, just an appetite!

These luncheons are more than just munching on lunchtime specials (though, who can resist a good bargain?); it's about sharing laughs, swapping stories, and savoring the joy of good company. It's where friendships flourish.

So, if you're a lady with a free day and a hankering for some hearty conversation and heavenly food, consider this your personal invite. Keep an eye on the Dapto Uniting Church newsletter for the latest venue reveal. It's the church's not-so-secret recipe for fellowship and fun.

And let's raise a toast (or a teacup) to these wonderful women! May the good Lord keep blessing this ministry with flavor, fellowship, and just a smidge more of that heavenly cheesecake. Amen to that!

To find out more about the Gourmet Girls, use our Contact Us page to contact the Minister, Rev. Keun-il Ko.